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Kobin Reynolds, TREC # 8391

Father of three amazing daughters and in an amazing relationship with woman who defines core strength and love in the ways he needs it. He comes from a large and diverse family of many walks of life. Kobin grew up in Paris, Texas with his two brothers and a sister, a rock of a mother, and more of a family tree/bush that consists of many other “siblings”. He graduated high school and went to college, entered the military in 1988, and started his own business in 1999. Kobin worked in design aspects in petrochemical, civil engineering, and performed engineering inspections on a highway management system and engineering safety inspections on bridges in many states in the USA that covered routine and special inspections, including fracture critical aspects up until 2017.

He bought a home in early 2000’s and had a home inspection that was so bad, his light came on to do it better and provide responsible inspections that are presented properly. Kobin was licensed early 2005 as a Professional Real Estate Inspector, license #8391. He started out a franchise, then went independent in 2015. The passion to be honest and upfront are defining traits that leave no doubt and create a trusting bond that he has in all aspects and dealings of life. Marketing is vital, but the best marketing is in referrals and recommendation based off the work performed. Kobin tends to hold peers, counterparts and competition to his high standards and expectations, because in the end, the customer deserves to get the best they can with the money spent.

The one simple saying that defines Kobin accurately in business is “Nothing should ever be taken for granted, because if you are working to chase a dollar, your vision will be skewed, so just do the job the way it deserves, every time, earn it always…”. The respect and understanding of what a customer is going through and investing is understood, and we hold it as an honor to be hired to do our job. You’re not just our customers, you are our family in our community, we have your back, always.

Office: 903-245-5078

Mobile: 903-530-7853

Joel Duraso, TREC #23711 

Joel is a husband and a father to one. On top of home inspections, he has been a career firefighter for over 10 years. When away from work he enjoys spending time with family and being in the great outdoors.

Office: 903-245-5078

Mobile: 903-374-5459

Zach Sutton, TREC #23495

Zach has been a professional firefighter in East Texas for 10+ years. He and his wife Joy have been married for 6 years and they have 4 kids 5 and under. When not working, Zach and his family love to travel and have new adventures together. He has been a professional home Inspector for over a year and is looking forward to joining the team at Reynolds Professional Real Estate Inspection Group!

Office: 903-245-5078


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TREC #8391

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